Out Of The Ashes

Amongst the greatest destruction and heartache, there is almost always a ray of sunshine. This rocking horse was a gift to me on my first birthday from my grandparents (my dad's parents in case anyone is wondering).


Even in the middle of the worst damage, it survived the fire with only a singed mane and seat and burned handles. The picture shows exactly where it was when we found it the morning after.

One of the incredible employees of the fire resotration and cleaning company we are working with took on this horse as his personal project. He took it apart, sanded everything down, restained and assembled it again...one piece at a time. It took 18 hours of labor and they had to replace the handles.


I totally think it was worth it.


Beth said...

wow that is so cool! Great work.

Kylie said...

I'll say. :)

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

aww awesome. Oh and Heidi, did you get your diapers?

jojoebi said...

wow, what a lovely chap to restore such a treasure, I am sure it will mean even more to you now.