Struggling to Blog

It feels like forever since I've written a real post with actual information! I know that's not totally true, but it feels that way to me.

For a myriad of reasons (new baby, upcoming move, dirt slow internet connection), I haven't been able to blog as much as I would have liked in the past few months and its been even worse the past few weeks. Unfortunately it probably won't get much better until after our move. I know that many of you would say I have an excuse, but the reality is that I don't want there to be a reason because I miss doing it! I especially miss reading your comments and visiting your blogs to see what you have been up to lately.

I have been keeping busy and I am looking forward to getting settled back into a real home again this fall. While we have done things to make our current temporary housing home, we are all starting to feel the reality that it is not our space and that we are working at partial capacity for many things. Only 1 more month has become our daily mantra. Tim is out of school for the summer and he is finally realizing just what I've been talking about when I've been telling him how draining the situation is.

I am sure that we will have [hopefully great] adventures moving across the country (and free wireless connections that don't operate at sub zero speeds), so you can count on plenty of entertainment and information in the coming months! I'm still working on gathering materials and planning for next year and I know there will be lots to share. Not to mention baby pictures, milestones, our almost guaranteed mishaps, recipes.... you'll be sick of me before you know it!

In the meantime, I'll try to post cute kid pictures when I can.

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*Mirage* said...

I miss you! I understand your life has been otherwise occupied lately, understandably, but I will be happy to get to read more posts by you again. :)