Who'd Have Thunk It!

Logan and I made it to church for the first time since his birth yesterday only to be greeted by a surprise. (In order to admit that it was a surprise I have to admit that I didn't read the church newsletter closely enough this month.)

Are you waiting in suspense? It was...

Pet Blessing Sunday.

Pets included.

There were cats, dogs, and even a hamster! Other members brought pictures of their horses or animals that couldn't make it to church. The service included aspects geared towards not only the pets, but the restoration of God's creation including all living things, not just humanity.

After service, our hospitality hour moved outside and even included a table of pet treats!

I was totally skeptical, but I have been reformed. I kept waiting for it to get loud, but it never did. The animals were very well behaved. Thanks to the animals, my kids were very well behaved! Kylee pet the hairless cat in the pew behind us (Fletcher) for most of the service.

Let's have pet blessing Sunday every year!

Next time I promise to read the bulletin better and let my kiddos bring their animals with them!

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