The Best Laid Plans

We should be finishing loading the trailer. Unfortunately we haven't even picked it up yet!

I had a well-laid plan for getting us out on time and schedule today. For those of you who know how much I like lists, I had at least 3 lists dictating how today was going to go.

But I guess someone, somewhere, had other plans.

Things were moving along (ahead of schedule even) until we almost forgot to pick up our cat from the vet. Thankfully, Aidan remembered.

When we went to leave the vet, Tim couldn't get the steering wheel to turn. He checked under the hood and saw the fluid on the ground and found the broken hose. He reconnected it, but without any fluid he still didn't have any steering.

We all headed back into the vet, and Tim walked to an auto parts store down the road. Fortunately he knew what he was doing and had the necessary tools in the truck (actually he mostly used his Leatherman, which makes me laugh).

We were now about a half hour behind my well laid plans, but I figured we were still doing ok. As an experienced schedule maker, I had built in plenty of wiggle room.

After paying for our rental trailer and hooking it up, we discovered that the tail lights weren't working. They tried another trailer, but no luck.

Right now, I am sitting in the air conditioned lobby of the local Tires Plus, borrowing their wireless connection, while Tim & a guy from the store fix some connection wires. First we had to wait on the delivery of a part from the local Napa. The babies are (thankfully) sleeping in the truck.

As of this moment we are 2 hours late to pick up the trailer and 1.5 hours late to pick up our piano. By the time all is said and done I'm guessing we will start loading the trailer about the time I figured we would be finishing. We already cancelled our babysitter because she could only stay until 4:00 anyways and I"m not sure we will be there by then.

Heaven help us, we will get to Utah before school starts.

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Meredith said...

Wow, Heidi! What an unexpected day....I'm sorry to hear of your delays. I'm not sure I'd have had a great attitude in that situation - I hope you are all happy and together somewhere right now, preferably in the next hotel down the interstate a bit!