He IS paying attention!

More kid quotes for you today from beneath my 6 foot by 12 foot pile of boxes. The kids are at Vacation Bible School this week.

There are a few other gluten-free kiddos in our congregation and Aidan sat with one of them at dinner the first night. On the way home we had a conversation that went like this:

Aidan: Mom, did you know *Other Little Boy* is allergic to gluten like Caleb is?

Me: I did know that.

Aidan: Did you know he's allergic to milk too? He has to eat special ice cream.

Me: Mmmmmmm

Aidan: He can't eat gluten and he can't eat milk. (pause) His mom must have to work really hard!!!


Gigi said...

Love it!! :-)

Angie said...

No kidding! I agree with Aidan.

The VBS conversations I overheard this week were so funny, too. My favorite-
kid 1- My dad went to a casino but he wouldn't tell me about it. What is a casino anyway?
kid 2- Its where they gamble and drink beer.
kid 1- oh.