Saying Goodbye

Over this past weekend, we had a chance to start saying some good byes to friends and family. We visited with Rachel & Caleb (and the rest of the boys) on Thursday.


Rachel and I met through La Leche League, found out a few months later we were both bloggers, over the next year both of our first born daughters were stillborn, and through it all it turns out she lives really close to my parents and we attended the same high school (but not in the town where either she or my parents live!) Crazy connection! We look forward to being able to stay in touch with the help of modern technology.

On Friday, my friend Ericka visited. We talked her into swimming and bocce ball- hopefully she enjoyed it half as much as we did. We are very lucky to have Ericka as a friend as you will see in a few days when I share the gift she brought us (love scheduling posts).

Saturday we had a photo done with Tim's sister's family, our family, & his mom. We also had a bit of a family picnic with some other members of his extended family.

We also had some time with my G-Pa, Brenda, Susan, and my Uncle Ron. Not to mention plenty of time to say goodbye to Grandma & Papa's swimming pool!



Kylie said...

oh goodbyes are always hard, but I'm sure you are going to enjoy your journey ahead :)

Josh said...

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Rachel said...

We had fun too and it was great to see you all! Elijah said on the way home, "We need to go back to that place again soon!" Blessings on the week ahead and your travels!

Rachel said...
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