Shameless Promotion

My mom is... well, I don't really know what my mom is, but what she DOES is ministry. In my lifetime she has directed Christian preschools (in our basement nonetheless), directed Children's Ministry programs, given trainings and presentations, and written Sunday School curriculum.

Currently, she works as a consultant and does contract writing. Recently she started a website to sell her curriculum. (In the federal interest of disclosure she isn't paying me to write this, nor will I get any money if you decide to buy something.) Along with that website, much to her initial resistance, she has a blog sharing snip-its of faith thoughts, ideas, and activities.

I'll be sharing more about her curriculum later, but I wanted to point readers to her blog because I know it is something that many of you may be interested in.

Oh, and because she's done 3 posts about my kids recently so obviously you all need to read those to keep up :)

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