Some of The Greatest Gifts

When Ericka asked me what she could do after our fire, even though she lived so far away, I asked if she could talk to her church (our old church) about a replacement baptism certificate for Caleb. All of the kids baptism candles and certificates were in the garage and were total losses.

The boys also both had trunks where I kept their special things from baptism and early life. Aidan's was a trunk of mine from when I was a little girl, but Caleb's was a gift from our church upon his baptism. (A group of men handmade a chest for each child baptized into the church.) Along with a new certificate, Ericka delivered this:


I also saw this for the first time. I knew about it, but had never seen it live and in person.


I'm not usually one for tattoos, but I make an exception for this.

Beautiful gifts from a beautiful person.

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