Back To School Check Up!

Melissa at Home Grown Families is doing a Homeschool Check Up for back to school. Each week she has a theme, and this week it is the school room.

Well, a) we don't have a designated school room and b) all of my school supplies are still in boxes as they were just unloaded off of the truck yesterday. I did, however, come across the most imperfectly, perfect table for our dining room today. It is complete with scratches and dings and pen marks. Not in a dirty/gross way, but in a used-by-kids way. It was a consignment item way in the back of the furniture store where we bought our living room furniture.

It will be perfect not only for family dinners, but I can see how perfect it will be for spreading out school projects!


The rest of the story only makes it better:

I only paid $175 for the table and the 6 chairs.

I will never feel like I'm trying to keep my bull's quiet in the china store.

And oh yeah...there is the view from the school room.

I promise to share more glimpses into our school and learning areas as we get things out of boxes and set up!


Home Grown Families said...

Great table!! What a great price! I'm jealous :)
Make sure you come back and link some more pics when you get it set up. Next week we are doing organization so you can show us how you keep all your supplies!
We're following you now! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

joelle said...

Great table. Hope you get some time to unpack and get things together. No matter what the table is the essential part, so you are good to start!

Angela said...

I love the table.