The Good, The Bad, & The Messy

Today, it all needs to go together...

The Good.

The Bad.

And The Messy.

(Complete with Conflict & Resolution)

The Good
For her birthday my mom got Kylee a cute little sand table. It came with fun bridges and boats and all sorts of stuff. It had one side for sand and one side for water (although we made it have 2 sand sides), with room for two kids to play. It has been a great distractor for Kylee...and sometimes Caleb... when school work wasn't quite finished with the big kid(s).

The Bad
When we moved into our apartment we didn't know it was on the second floor without a balcony or patio area, which means the sand table had to stay inside. It was relegated to a place in the bathroom with the theory that at least I could sweep the floor.

The Messy
That theory was all well and good except for today when the water was mysteriously turned on, the toothbrushes suspiciously retrieved, and the two and four year old left alone. Can you see where this is going? Yeah. It was that bad. I'm pretty sure the toothbrush holder was used to carry water from the sink to the sand table. I also know that Kylee can't reach the sink to turn it on or the toothbrushes.

The Conflict
Despite the aforementioned facts, a certain four year old was not prepared to take responsibility for the resulting disaster zone. In fact when I went to get a rag so he could help clean it up, he locked himself in the bathroom screaming, "I DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED". Over and over and over again. Good thing the door was locked because when I didn't want to scream or cry (which were my primary reactions), I had to suppress the urge to laugh at how ridiculous he sounded. I also resisted the urge to call Tim and tell him he was going to have to skip his first day of class in order to protect the life of his child.

I even resisted the urge to call my mother and inform her she needed to fly to Utah and clean up this mess. Hopefully when she reads this she will be able to have a good laugh at my expense.

The Resolution
Well eventually Caleb stopped yelling at the closed door and came out and got some towels. (He really is a good kid.) He mostly mopped up the floor and made an attempt at sweeping. After lunch, when the little kids were napping I moved all the garbage cans, stools, rugs, potty chairs, etc. and redid it. And then I moved the sand table.

Into a closet.

With a vinyl tablecloth underneath.

And no access to water.

Where one child may play with it at a time from now on.

Maybe for Christmas we could try some nice non messy dress up clothes. Funny hats and tutus and that sort of thing!


Meredith said...

You relate this so humorously, though I bet that's not how you felt earlier today! I have experienced those same emotions, and I'm glad you got through it! Good resolutions. :)

Heidi said...

I should really ask why you are still awake my friend in a later time zone! Good gravy it's past my bedtime!

TornadoTwos said...

I think, if someone gave me one of these as a gift, I'd have to ask myself if that person secretly hated me, LOL. I can just imagine the mess! Poor you! Sounds like your kids had a ton of fun though.