I Worked My Tail Off For This Post!

After a month of showing us his toothless grins, I decided this weekend that it was time to be captured on film for you ...whether he liked it or not! It went something like this...

Okay Momma, I will talk to you.


What is that thing in my face.


Hi there, I will wave at you but I will not smile.


(Two days later) I give up Momma, I love you too!



lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Thats the best, that is what motherhood is all about! :) Sweeeeeet baby boy

Meredith said...

What a wonderful smile! Love that last shot. You have some adorable kids, Heidi and Tim. Miss you!

Lisa said...

what a cutie!!

Marsha said...

Those moments are so priceless. What a beautiful baby!

Angie said...

Its difficult to get that smile on camera isn't it? I've been trying to get our new little one's smile with the camera but just haven't had any success. He has quite a handsome smile!