Not pictures, but rather words.

Sometimes I forget that when I am reading a blog I am only getting a snapshot of a person's life. I don't really know them and I do not know all of the details surrounding their personal religious, political, or parenting beliefs. To take things a step farther, it would be unreasonable (not to mention wordy) to expect them to provide the blow by blow of each interaction they have (and thus giving me a truer picture).

I blog for a variety of reasons, most of which would be familiar, albeit boring, to list out here. Sometimes when I post I am specifically looking for input (like a post I wrote last year about kids in church) and other times I am sharing simply for the sake of recording a moment I would like to remember (birthday's, baptisms, etc) Still other times, I am writing to let other moms know about something we do that works really great for us and they might like to try as well (many of my homeschool posts and gluten free recipes).

One thing I try not to do is give unsolicited "advice" or to tell people how to handle a situation they already have under control. I claim no form of superior wisdom that makes my know better than someone else. For example, if I post on homeschool record keeping and you have a completely different system that works great for you, please don't feel you need to switch. I have no hard feelings if you don't! Likewise, while I welcome comments sharing other things that work for you (because I may have another reader that would connect with your system better), please keep in mind that if you see holes or problems in the way I am doing something or the way I have handled something it would be best to remember that blogs are a snapshot.

A snapshot of a life- taken from a distance that will always be a little out of focus if you try to zoom too far into the details.


lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Amen SISTER! :0)

Heidi said...

I bet in this instance you do understand exactly!