Week 1

Wow! I can't believe our first week of homeschooling in almost 5 months is over! We celebrated by going to the outlet mall and out to eat for dinner.

Ok, well actually that had nothing to do with homeschool, but whatever...it was still fun.

Overall the week went fantastic. The only lessons that we didn't get to were 1 Math lesson (Caleb) and 1 Spanish lesson (Both- but it was really just watching a Spanish cartoon so I don't think they really lost out much there). Wednesday was a really rough day, but I think we all were pretty tired that day (we had a long weekend). We pushed through (and put the middle two to bed early) and today was much better.

I just love the look on Aidan's face in this picture! My goal for next week is to hit all of our lessons, even though we will not have Tim's help during work time every day!

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