A Little Godly Play Funny

In the Godly Play tradition, the 10 Commandments are presented as the 10 Best Ways. The kids attended Godly Play for a couple of years so they associate the phrase "best ways" with the 10 commandments.

Sunday after church we decided to stop at Applebees for lunch (because I was running way behind, having foolishly decided I needed to hem a skirt, and forgot to put our chili in the crock pot). Kylee was being squirrly (aka two) and kept trying to go under the table. At one point, Caleb started getting in on the game and was playing peekaboo with her. I told him that he was not showing Kylee the best way to sit at a restaurant.

All dressed in his nice clothes, with a mouth full of spaghetti, Aidan cocks his head to the side, raises an eyebrow, and looks at me and says, "Mom, sitting at the table is NOT part of the 10 commandments."

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Lisa said...

Connections, connections. That's funny!