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Reality Motherhood

Imagine my surprise last night when I reached in for the salt and pepper and came out with Kylee's milk cup from supper the night before!

True story.

Reality Motherhood.


Lisa said…
I found my glasses (that I need to see without my contacts) in an oven mitt once.
Heidi said…
That's funny... at least I can claim some defense in the fact the cup was a similar size to the spices I was putting away!
Kylie said…
LOL Been there done that, at least it was only from last night and not last week!!!
joelle said…
I do not comment often but I enjoy reading your blog. I am given you a sunshine award. You can pick it up @
Gigi said…
Love it! Just today I put the crackers that go in the pantry in the fridge. Did not even realize it until I opened the fridge and laughed at myself!

I misplace my coffee cup every single day. My kids laugh at me and say "AGAIN!".