Some Favorites This Month

As we prepare to wrap up our first month of school for this year, I thought I would share a few of our favorite living books from this month!

This is a fun and interesting book about the flow of energy and the importance of plants to our ecosystems. It is so well written that when we finished reading, Aidan says, "Well that is a good story, but its not really true!" To me that seems the definition of a living book- so interesting it sparks a conversation about how that can't possibly be true but yet it is! Topics: Energy flow, Photosynthesis, Plants

This is actually a practical guide to growing uniquely colored fruits and vegetables, which we obviously didn't do in a month, but the kids (especially Kylee) loved looking through the pictures over and over again and Caleb wanted to know the name of every unusually colored common vegetable in the book! Topics: Plants, Nutrition, Vegetables

This was Caleb's favorite book. It's fairly long, but it covers all sorts of neat accomplishments in history and some highly famous people! Through the scenarios it introduces ideas such as map making, types of transportation, and other topics. This book is a part of a series of "So You Want To.." books, including So You Want To Be President. Topics: General History, Map Making, Transportation, Exploration

Take a trip around the world. The illustrations have a line that continues from the beginning to the end of the book, including a world map at the end showing all the places that have been visited. I liked this one because there was a simple story in bold text with only 1-2 lines per page (perfect for Kylee) and an expanded text with information about the country or animals illustrated (good for bigger boys). Topics: World Geography, World Animals

This is a board book for little ones using the art of Renoir as illustrations. Kylee got it for her birthday from my sister and LOVES it! Topics: Art Appreciation

We read many more than this, but these were a few of our favorites that seemed to be read again and again. I love the library because we were able to fill our library shelf with many great books. It's like an extended preview and now I know a couple books I may want to add to our collection that I know the kids will love!

Up this month: Invertebrates (Bugs!), Landforms, Ancient Egypt, and more!


Lisa said...

how are you liking Story of the Wold?

Heidi said...

The boys like it. It's very clearly an overview and it took some getting used to distinguishing between facts/story but I think the kids will have a good broad understanding