Weekly Homeschool Update

A Monday Field Trip to the Utah State Fair
We got in on discount day with a homeschool group and paid $2 for everyone!

Investigating New Discoveries

I'm not really sure what to call this picture, but Kylee took her potty stickers off the wall and stuck them on her legs instead. I really just don't ask anymore! I do think we are close to being done with diapers for this one, though.

A Favorite Practical Life

Trying something new- Explode The Code Online. I got a great price for a 1 year subscription and thought it would be nice for times when everyone was vying for school attention at the same time. So far I'm liking it, although Caleb thinks it goes too slow at times. (I swear he already needs a haircut again, Mom!)

New card work for insect metamorphosis. This week I only introduced the top 4 insects who have complete metamorphosis and next week I will introduce the two on the bottom with incomplete metamorphosis. Insect metamorphosis will be Aidan's research topic this month.

Grammer Notebooking (more on that tomorrow)

Practicing addition basic facts with Usborne Wrap Ups.

I love all of the questions I get after posting these weekly updates, so ask away!

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