Wow! What A Week!

Our Homeschool Week In Review

New things for Kylee (and her baby doll)

More work with cylinders-
I enjoyed giving this presentation to Kylee & Caleb together.


A quickly developing reader-
Working on encoding & decoding.


Working on a research poster on plants.

Mommy it snowed!

Well, not exactly but we did have one heck of a hailstorm.

The mountains after the storm were just beautiful.



Meredith said...

You have a great view out there!

What are the letters Caleb was using to spell frog? Where did you get those?

Looks like a good week!!

Heidi said...

Those are sandpaper letters from Montessori Outlet. Our old ones were from Adena Montessori and I thought the price/quality were similar.

In the top picture he is matching words I spelled with the sandpaper letters to a box of phonetic objects (decoding). In the second picture he is spelling words from picture cards using the moveable alphabet (encoding).