Campfire Cupcakes


As it had been our plan to go camping this past weekend for Tim's birthday, I planned on adapting the following recipe for muffins to make birthday cupcakes around the fire. Since we probably won't be camping on a birthday anytime soon, I wanted to share the recipe with you anyway because they were ridiculously good.

All you need is the stuff to make your favorite muffin recipe, oranges, tin foil, and a dutch oven. I have seen this done simply in the tin foil, but I haven't tried it so I make no guarantees if they burn on the bottom. The oranges offer lots of protection though, so you'll probably be fine.

Before you leave to go camping, place all of your dry ingredients in a gallon plastic baggie so they are ready to go. On the front of the bag, write the needed wet ingredients in marker.


When you are ready, just add the ingredients and mix right in the bag. It's actually a great camp side cooking job for a kid.


Before you mix, however, you need to use your oranges. We tried to scoop out the insides and eat them whole, but next time I plan to juice them so I don't feel so bad about wasting them as no one really wanted to eat the mashed up pulp I managed to extract using my method. Basically, you are making muffin tins out of your orange peels. We found that a few cracks down the side held up just fine with the tin foil for support, but you need the peel to basically be in one piece.

Fill your *muffin tins* 1/2-3/4 full and wrap the orange in tin foil, leaving the top open as a vent. We found it took about half the number of oranges as it would have taken muffin cups to use the batter. Arrange the tins inside the dutch oven.

We put a cup of water in the center of the muffins to keep the muffins from drying out. I don't know if that made a difference, but our muffins weren't dry at all.

Cover and place directly in the coals or on a grate above. We started in the fire and moved to the grate once we got things going a bit better (notice the coffee in the same picture). They took 20-30 minutes and were absolutely delicious when all was said and done!

This is definitely our new favorite camp fire breakfast as it was quick to prepare, low on dishes (and thus low on clean up, the orange peels can go straight in the fire), and well-loved by all.


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Heather said...

That's a cool idea! I will have to try it sometime!