Catch Up Week

I know we've been quiet on the blog front this week. Kylee is potty training and I'm spending my spare moments singing and reading books in the bathroom. On a positive note, I think she's basically done and it was only about 10 hundred times easier than the boys were. She's even dry at night and nap, which the boys weren't FOREVER. Oh wait, Caleb still isn't dry at night!


This week has been a catch up week for schoolwork. We are finishing some things, reviewing others, and spending lots of time reading out loud. Last week at Michael's I found this super cool foam model craft kit of the pyramids. Since I only paid $2.00 I will try not to complain that it came without directions.

Because,'s not like the Ancient Egyptians had a typed up step by step!


Meredith said...

I can *hear* you in this post. Love it! (and I love your idea about December's MNO - sorry to use this forum instead of an email...)

Aidan looks like he could use some directions there!

I think we should be doing potty training here, too, with a much-older kid. I'm feeling lazy, though!

Heidi said...

Potty training is over rated, I'm all for avoiding it as long as possible. At least that's my .02 :)

What exactly made me hearable here? That's funny.

Meredith said...

I agree about the potty training. But at preschool they're trying to "help" by offering a potty sit, only I'm not reinforcing anything at home! The guilt sets in...

I heard you in "10 hundred times easier," "oh wait," "I will try not to complain," and ""Because, hey." Lots of posts sound like you, but this one in particular had some nice Heidi-isms. Miss you here!

Heidi said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry! Maybe this is a good sign that Im getting back to myself here :)