A Real Day In The Life

So after a quick conversation with Lisa in the comments of my last weekly post, followed by a long talk last night with Tim about values reflection, I am going to do a day in the life post. I will update throughout the day with the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will try for every couple of hours, but the reality is that if you want a real picture I have to do my normal amount of computer time because that will sway the results. We only do a 4 day school week, so there won't be any school work in this post.

We filtered out of bed starting around 7:30 this morning. (Side note- at the beginning of the week I do a good job of getting up before the kids, but by Friday not so much!) Caleb and Kylee got dressed right away, but Aidan didn't. After breakfast Aidan spent about 10 minutes in the living room doing somersaults and ignoring my request to get dressed. We have already had our first fight between the boys of the day when Aidan yelled at Caleb for going in his room to get some items that need to be returned to the library. Aidan is still not dressed (he's now riding the rocking horse) and Caleb is still crying about not getting the library books.

Caleb typed the last punctuation for this post. Now he's not crying anymore.


9:15- Tim is loading the kids in the car while I update. We are on our way to the library. In the last hour I did accomplish switching the laundry, all kids dressed, Kylee & Caleb's hair tamed, Logan nursed, emptied and refilled the dishwasher, and made my bed. Most of this was accomplished because I let the big kids jump on the couch and wrestle while yelling about shooting things out the window. I half heartedly told them they might get hurt, but Caleb told me, "No. We're just having fun, Mom." No one did.

This time.

That being said, I did not accomplish taking a shower, brushing my teeth, or eating breakfast. I did have coffee though.

We are leaving for the library and then I am going to attempt to take them to the park by myself and do a fall picture for our Christmas card (and because I just like to play with my camera). I'm sure that will be interesting.

Oh and while I didn't get a chance to have my quiet time, Tim and I did have a conversation about this post while we were getting the kids ready.


1:15- We just got back from the library and I gave the kids apple slices with chocolate sauce on top so they would sit still so I can post.

Tim left from the library on the train for campus so we are just the 5 of us now. The highlight of the library trip was checking out and having 3 out of my 4 children crying. Kylee because she had to give her book to the check out lady, Caleb because he didn't want to leave, and Logan because he was uncomfortable in the sling with all my book jostling.

When we got to the parking ramp I had to put Logan in his car seat without nursing which didn't make him so happy, but if I had nursed first I would have gone over my first hour in the ramp and had to pay an extra $1.50. It was a little harried, but we made it out of the ramp with 3 minutes to spare.

I ran through McDonalds and got this kids lunch, but they forgot to put the apple in with my caramel sauce. Tim will probably call later today to complain and they will give him free stuff.

We ate our lunch at the park with the door to the truck open since Logan fell asleep on the way over.

Picture taking was fun, although I'm not totally sure I got anything good of all four. Kylee was really into it but the big boys were just humoring me and Logan was clueless and just wanted to eat his hands. I haven't put them on the computer yet so we'll see how that looks in a minute.

Apples are done and the kids have dug into the library books, chocolatey fingers and all and are listening to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on the CD player. Probably should go do something about that.


3:00- Kylee is napping and the boys are still listening to books on CD (they've moved on to a Harry Potter book).

While I was rocking Kylee for a nap, Logan woke up from his and I had to leave him crying because she was close to falling asleep and I didn't want to have her hit that wake up moment when a toddler won't go back to sleep.

After she was down, I sat in the recliner and nursed him while I read a chapter of my book, One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity

Then I had every intention of switching out laundry and doing some picking up, but instead I got sucked into the computer to look at my pictures from earlier today. You can see the album here. I don't think there is 1 where all 4 look good, but there are some really good other ones I think. Usually I wouldn't have uploaded the ones with the kids making faces and otherwise paying no attention, but in the spirit of the day I posted about half of them...the good, the bad, and the ugly.


3:30- Right after I got off the computer, I went to look for Caleb who had gone to get a bandaid for a VERY minor poke he got. What I found was Caleb, Kylee (who I didn't know was awake), and an empty box of bandaids on my bathroom floor. They both also had wet pants.

Kylee being the girl she is had to change her entire outfit instead of just her pants. She then proceeded to stand in front of me and proudly tell me "Peed!" 5 minutes after she put them on.

This time she decided to change into a pair of plastic pants and is waddling around showing off her "diaper".


5:30- Tim is home for the day and we just finished supper. I made the meat for our chicken tacos in the crock pot and it turned out really well. I wasn't sure this morning, but I will definitely be doing it this way from now on. Caleb had 4 tacos for dinner! Granted, the last one he only wanted cheese and sour cream (which is actually nonfat plain yogurt).

Kylee is acting like a total goof ball. She was pushing the laundry sorting hamper around a little bit ago. Right now she's making a game out of climbing on the table next to me and jumping off for me to catch her. Now she wandered off to look at some books.

Aidan is in his room playing with Legos. When I went in to get Logan ready for bed, he showed me that he can take apart of one the Lego City Vehicles and put it back together without the instruction sheet.

Caleb is still listening to library CDs. He's back to the Grinch. This is what they do pretty much every time we go to the library. Hours and hours of listening to books on CD.

Tim is reading a book while cuddling with Logan so that I can do the dinner dishes and my other after dinner chores.

Note that I am not doing the actual chores as I am on the computer again!


7:00- Logan is asleep, hopefully for the night. I finished my evening chores with a little help from Aidan and Caleb (dishes, swapping laundry, picking up the living room, garbage out to dumpster). I also had a chance to do some journalling, which I have been trying to do since Wednesday and haven't had a quiet moment.

We moved movie night from Sunday to Friday so the big kids are in their jammies watching Jumanji on Netflix. Tim and I are working on soaking and cooking dried beans (thrilling, I know). I'm also working on a grocery list because I think I'm going to send Tim to Walmart tonight so I don't have to do it tomorrow. I already have to go to SAMS club because I figured out this afternoon that I accidentally forgot to confirm my order on Wednesday so my Click & Pull wasn't ready today. Thankfully I figured that out BEFORE I took the kids over to pick it up!

I have to admit, that although the day is not over yet I feel a little guilty posting this relatively calm day with you. Maybe it doesn't seem calm, but I feel like it has been a great day. Very few meltdowns and fights between the kids. I tried not to let the whole live blogging affect the day and I think I did a good job of that, although I obviously can't be sure! Then again if I had to guess I would have thought blogging it would affect things the other way.

I'll be back later with a bedtime summary once the kids are actually in bed.

10:50- Not much to report.. Kylee and Caleb went to bed great after the movie. Aidan is still awake, but that's pretty normal. He has always had a hard time falling asleep at night. If he stays in his room we don't make too much of a deal about it.

Tim has been watching some strange movie about assassins and I have been playing with Faces on iPhoto.

Logan just started squeaking so I'm going to head to bed myself!


Lisa said...

Thanks Heidi! As rough as your time sounds, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that has days like that. I know it's easy to show the good stuff and not so much the crazy real life every day happenings but sometimes I feel like I am the only one with the daily struggles. Thanks much!!

Heidi said...

And here I was thinking this was a fairly boring and un interesting day with not very many hiccups! I was thinking I would need to do this again to give you a real picture of a tough day. I assure you that you are not the only one with daily struggles.

Overall I do think most of our days are good despite the crazy real life every day stuff. I don't think good and crazy are mutually exclusive! I have some other thoughts on that I'll share later.

Kylie said...

I enjoy reading these types of posts. Maybe sometime you can do one when you are having a school day?

Heidi said...

Kylie I was thinking that I need to do that, especially since this blog is MOSTLY an education/homeschooling blog! I think I would have to do a day that Tim is home otherwise the extra computer time would be way too disruptive. He's home on Mon & Wed though, so its possible.

Anonymous said...

this is the way a blog should be! thanks!