Weekly Homeschool Review

*Excuse the poor picture quality. I'm trying to learn to use my camera out of automatic and its not going very well.*
Beginning transfer work

Words Their Way- Caleb is working on matching CVC words to the correct picture. He has lots of spelling/ETC overlap right now which is really evident in listening to him read.

Beginning Golden Bead Addition

Researching Asia

Counting the number of countries in Asia

Rotate the camera and notice the 2 year old having a tantrum over not being able to help.

Aidan had a rough spelling week, you can see he crumpled up his sort. I had him spell words by doing a push up for every letter (as a fun thing, not as a punishment) and he turned it around and did better the rest of the week.

This is just something fun we did this week to wash our dining room chairs. Some of them were beyond the help of a simple washcloth!

Oh, and then there was the snow...

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