If You Bring A Toddler To Game Night

She's going to want a cookie for every game.

While she eats that cookie she will want to hide under the table.

While hiding under the table she will pull the edge of the tablecloth almost spilling daddy's drink.

Since she didn't spill the drink, she will need to make a mess another way by peeing on her chair.

Of course she wasn't wearing any pants so you will have to mop up quite the mess.

When she is done eating cookies, hiding, and peeing on chairs she will want to play.

She will want to spin the spinner and move her piece but she won't want to keep the piece on the board.

Mommy and Daddy will have to remember where she was.

When she lands on the top of a slide she will go down it.


And again.

And again.

With sound effects.

When mercifully, Mommy's prayers for someone to just win already are answered, the toddler will want another cookie.

While she is eating her cookie she will show off all of her yoga poses.

While doing her yoga poses, she will add animal sounds.

She still might not be wearing pants.

After too many meltdowns over having to pass the dice, Daddy will declare it bedtime.

While the toddler is rocking with Daddy, everyone else will play silent Uno.

Until it isn't silent anymore because the toddler is screaming for another cookie.


Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

That was great! I loved it.