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Do you know what those words, written in bold, on the front of a packaged product available at the average grocery store mean to a mom who shops for a child with Celiac Disease?

Live Gluten Freely Box

Betty Crocker and General Mills have gone gluten free. In addition to cake mixes, many of their products such as Fruit Rolls Ups, Potato Buds, some Progresso soups, Yoplait yogurts, and most Chex cereals are now clearly labeled as gluten free. You can view the complete list (updated regularly) here. This makes sharing meals with family, especially around the holiday time, so much easier. I can recommend products to friends and families and we can both feel confident that they can provide gluten free meals that Caleb will enjoy.... without singling him out or breaking the bank!

To promote their gluten free line, they have also developed the website Live Gluten Freely, which is full of helpful tips and recipes that can be made with their products. They can also be found on facebook and offer email tips to subscribers.

I recently received a Live Gluten Freely Product Box from General Mills through MyBlogSpark to try the products and offer feedback to my blog readers. My favorite product was the new Gluten Free Bisquick. We used the recipe on the box for homemade (baked) chicken fingers and they were fantastic. It was fun to serve such a kid favorite! Although, I think the box of fruit roll ups may have been the kids actual favorite. Caleb kept asking for another piece of candy!

I have found that the Gluten Free Yellow Cake mix is very versatile. I have used it to make cookie bars, a carmel apple cake, and a several other adaptations. Since Betty Crocker began selling gluten free cake mixes, I have not had to make two cakes for anyone's birthday. Everyone approves of their taste and texture and I try to keep several boxes of both the yellow cake and the chocolate cake mix on hand. The chocolate cake mix isn't in the box, but it makes an awesome chocolate, banana, walnut muffin. I can call it a muffin if it has fruit and nuts in it, right?

You do not have to take my word for it.

General Mills and MyBlogSpark are offering one Gluten Free Product Box to a lucky blog reader. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. Additional entries for tweeting, posting to Facebook (please tag @Work and Play, Day by Day), or blogging about this giveaway (include link).

You can also click here to join the email list and be entered to win free Gluten Free Bisquick.

Even if no one in your family eats gluten free, consider entering and either donating the box to someone you know who is gluten free, or taking it to your local food pantry, church, Red Cross, or other emergency organization and requesting that they set it aside in the event a family with special diet is in need of help.

Contest ends Tuesday, November 30th.


Chrystal said...

That's great! We love the Chex cereal and yogurts! I agree with the fruit roll ups too, it is hard in our household because we have one allergic to apples and then we try to be gluten finding a "fruit snack" was really difficult! I LOVE the roll ups!

Brenda said...

Gluten-free can be so hard. Mason cried last night because his Scout troop made cupcakes and he had to bring one from home. Huge thank you to these companies who work hard to make my little GF boy feel like all the other kids!

Kate said...

We have a few family members that are gluten free - it's so hard!

Leigh said...

Our grocery store has started putting up labels by products that are gluten-free and one of our local bakery keeps gluten-free bread on hand. But it's pretty neat that such a big baking products company has caught the wave.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice giveaway! I'd love to try some of these Gluten Free products!

maryjanesharp said...

I live in a fairly rural area and finding gluten free products in the stores can be difficult. Thanks to General Mills its becoming a little easier. Great contest. Thanks.

maryjanesharp said...

I posted a link to this contest on my Facebook wall.