Mommy's Cooking Project

I love to cook. I love trying new things and experimenting in the kitchen.

One of the dangers of Montessori education, however, is that not only do my kids like to cook they are actually quite competent in the kitchen. Both boys are able to make our breakfast oatmeal completely by themselves (on the stove from raw oats, not microwaved packets) and Aidan can cook pasta and make muffins, biscuits, or any packaged mix instructions. While this is all generally good (I can *cook* while nursing by giving Aidan directions and there are plenty of hands for last minute meal prep), sometimes mommy just likes to cook by herself.

Without any help.

However helpful it may be.

A month or two ago, Tim and I instituted grown up cooking projects. Every Sunday afternoon, Mommy (and sometimes Daddy) get to go into the kitchen alone to try a new recipe or just make something fun. It has been going really well and I've enjoyed trying out some of the recipes from my *try it-tweak it-trash it* pile of recipes.

This week I took this recipe for doughnuts, took out the nutmeg (didn't have any) and baking powder (it is in our GF baking mix) and substituted Pamela's Products Ultimate Baking & Pancake Mix for the 4 cups of flour. Then, following the rules of gluten free baking (smaller is better) made donut holes instead.

Gluten Free Doughnut Holes

The verdict?

Well, I think he enjoyed his first doughnut hole ever.

First Doughnut2

It's a good thing to enjoy when you are about to have a big birthday like five!

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