Quiet Days

It has been a somewhat quiet, but exciting few days here. My mom is visiting from Minnesota and has been taking turns having individual time with each of the kids and watching all of the kids so Tim and I can have some much missed time by ourselves. It has been so nice to have her here. Great conversation and I can't believe how fast the two of us can get the house looking presentable after a meal or before going out! Unfortunately, I have only a few pictures from her visit because when I turned the camera on for Caleb's birthday the battery was dead and when I brought the camera to gymnastics to take pictures of Aidan (finally) I had forgotten to put the battery back in the camera!

That's all for another time, however.

Today I actually have a question that I very much need my readers to answer. I'd particularly appreciate it if people who are regular readers (email subscribers?) would come out of the woodwork and give me some feedback.

My question is this, why do you read this blog?

That probably sounds silly, but let me explain. I started this blog over 2 years ago for two main purposes. The first was because I was doing a ton of school at home and dealing with frustrations we were having with the school Aidan was in. The second was that I realized early I would not have the time or ability to put together the same scrapbooks I had done for the boys and I wanted to have a good record of Kylee's first years.

As I blogged more and got feedback on different topics (usually when I discovered them by accident) I found out that people really liked to read some of our gluten free recipes, learn more about our Montessori influences, and hear ideas for lessons and projects. I also learned that I like to share photos, stories, and snippets of our home faith life.

Lately, however, I have been feeling like I don't know what to post because I don't know what people want to read. Not to confuse that with writing what you want to hear, but if you want me to write TONS about homeschool projects and activities with directions I could do that. More than that, I WANT to do that if it is what you want to read. I could write more about the theory stuff that my nerdy husband and I like to gobble up in our free time.

Or, I could write more about living faith at home as a Lutheran homeschooling family. Of course, I'm still pretty sure we're the only one of those in the universe so maybe that wouldn't be interesting to anyone! I'd love to build up a community online for myself and the other under-represented in cyber-space protestant parents, but maybe this blog isn't the place to do that.

Since we moved out to Utah, I have more family members than ever reading to keep up with what we are doing. Maybe I need to move the family updates to a separate place, or maybe that is the only audience I have anymore!

The point is this: When I submit an article to a print magazine or newspaper, as I have several times in the last few years, I know the audience. What I write here is out there for anyone to read, but unless you tell me about yourself and what makes you choose this blog among the masses, I don't know who my audience is.

And I want to know.

Not so I can change who I am, but so that I can put a better filter on my virtual mouth.

Because it is easy for me to say too much.

Like I probably have in this post.


lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

I actually enjoy the variety on your blog. I love keeping up with your family as we grew close on the large families board, I just feel like I know you so I would be sad to not know how your family is doing and seeing you overcoming so much grief a few years back, its just nice to see the pot of gold after all you went through. Amazing how much an online person can end up meaning to another person:)

Heidi said...

LOL Janis I am always checking yours and a few other blogs just in case you have updated! I think i use blogs (and facebook) more than BBC now to keep in touch with different people. I think you guys need to visit Utah soon. Or maybe we need to visit CA, I don't know, but I have a feeling our kids would really get along well.

elsies7gifts said...

hmm, why do I read your blog? Well, I think I started back when we started the HW group, as a way to get to know you better.
Though I don't homeschool, well, not officially. But in my opinion all parents homeschool, some just leave the 3 R's up to someone else.
I do enjoy your homeschool posts, and it does inspire me to do things with my younger kids that I may have done with the older, but have to be 'reminded' to do with the younger ones.
And, I'm sure that winning one of your give aways a while back probably pulled me along a bit :)
Plus, when we have our big meet up, it will be more like seeing an 'old' friend, not strangers.

Jen said...

I like how you have a mix of everything. I enjoy reading about your kids/family life since I know you and my boys are around the same ages of Kylee and Logan. And it's intresting to hear about homeschooling.

Musical Mama said...

I am very interested in homeschooling with Montessori and Charlotte Mason, which is how I found your blog. It's nice to see how another mom does things. I have a little one, so I read and file things away to use when she gets a bit older. Thanks!

izzy said...

I am a new reader but just to share my opinion. I always love reading about homeschooling and watching children progress. =)

Kara said...

I enjoy the updates on your family! I like reading your other posts as well. I only wish that we lived closer so that we could talk more! Miss hanging out with you guys!

Kara said...

I enjoy the updates on your family! I like reading your other posts as well. I only wish that we lived closer so that we could talk more! Miss hanging out with you guys!

deanna.gross said...

Well, I started out reading just to keep up with a family that I have never met but still love! I would be sad to see the personal updates gone. I love seeing those babies grow and grow. It makes my heart warm. I also love the posts on family/school projects. While I don't home school I have used several of your posts to adapts activities for Lilly and Seth and we have loved them. I also LOVE any post you do related to cooking/baking. The posts that are in depth re: homeschooling specific material goes over my head a bit but I do read and probably come away from them with some knowledge that I adapt in my day to day life with the kidoos. So to sum it up, I love the entire mix. It keeps me updated with a friend and provides me knowledge that is beneficial to my family. I love your blog!

Heidi said...

So in other words, everyone wants me to keep doing everything? I suppose I can do that :)

Angie said...

Hi Heidi, I found you through Meredith and have really enjoyed nearly everything- even though I don't know your family Kylee and Logan are near the same age as my kiddos and I've thought of homeschooling and will certainly be doing plenty at home if the kids end up going to school. As a former (and hopefully life time) teacher I'm interested in all that nerdy stuff and my hubby is not in the field of education so its nice to have other adults talking about it. So yeah, everything!

Leigh said...

I'm relatively late in the game here, but thought I'd add my two cents. I do read your blog regularly to keep up-to-date on what you're doing. I like showing Ashleigh and Eva pictures of the kids and being able to describe some of the activities you've been doing. I also enjoy the homeschooling posts, because we like to provide enriching opportunities at home. It's good to connect with you, since we have many similar values, to keep a sense of what's "normal" with kids of similar ages, and to read about how you handle difficult situations. So, yes, keep doing what you're doing!

Heidi said...


Thanks ladies!