Ten Tidbits

Since landing in Minnesota we have had 1 case of croup, 3 head colds, and 5 stomach bugs.

Except, it might be 4 stomach bugs and one baby who can't eat fruit.

We have had a flat tire and a dead car battery- both quickly fixed.

We have had close to 30 inches of snow in just about 10 days.

I knit my first sock.

We have had an offer on our old house.

We did a good job on schoolwork for the first week.

I celebrated my 30th birthday with carrot "muffins" for breakfast and cake later.

There have been 7 kids, 7 & under in one house 3 times and 10 kids, 11 & under once.

I requested happy kids for my birthday and someone responded with, "I don't know about a whole day."

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Brenda said...

Well, it's a trip that will always be remembered. I hope the rest of it is a lot more calm and peaceful!

Happy and safe travels!!