Travels Part Two

I actually managed to not take ANY photos on the last leg of our trip.  I kept remembering to bring the camera, but forgetting to use it!  I do have a couple of pictures (on Tim's phone) of doing Time4Learning in a laundromat, but I'm saving those for my review post.  We have continued trying to share our Jesse Tree and Nativity set with as many people as possible.  Here we are sharing it with our cousins:


We have also shared our tree with several friends and Tim's mom.  It isn't the same as when we are able to gather together after dinner, just the six of us, and sometimes I wonder how much the kids are getting out of it.  My hope is that they are still having a small reminder each day that even though we are travelling, and doing lots of *Christmas* visiting, we are still in the season of Advent.  I try not to take pictures during the actual devotional, so most of the pictures are either before or after.  Above, Aidan is explaining to Grant what each of the leaves on the Jesse Tree represent.  As a side note, it is nice to have homeschooled cousins and friends who are available on our alternate travel schedules.

This afternoon I had a chance to play with cameras a little bit.  On the bottom picture, I borrowed my brother in law's camera and played with one of his lenses (and might have fallen a teensy bit in love with it).  Too bad the comparable lens for my camera is $500.


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