Working On It

So this is not one of those blogs with photography to make one drool.  Yet, I would like to know how to take better pictures.  The more I read though, the more it seems that most blogs with good photos edit every photo they post.  Oftentimes a lot.

I so don't have time for that.

Usually  the only editing I do is cropping.  It takes me 30 seconds per photo, right in iPhoto (at the same time I am deleting all the ones that are terrible).

Mainly I am focusing on learning to get a better photo straight off of camera, but occasionally I try editing to see if I think it is really worth my time.

Here is the original.


Edited with Gimp (a free software)

Drool Edit

Edited with iPhoto


It is blazingly clear to me that I don't really know what I am doing, but there are things I do like better about the edited images.  Looking at them now I think I should add the iPhoto crop to the Gimp coloring.

What do you think?

I don't think I should fire our family photographer yet!


The girl who painted trees said...

I admire the photos on other blogs as well, but as evidenced by 90 percent of my photography ( one can tell that I don't have time to edit, take lots of photos in low light settings, and only have a point and shoot to work with. Sigh. The Canon Rebel is on my wish list, but I tend to put the kids' Montessori supply wish list ahead of my personal wish list:)

Angie said...

I think your analysis of the pictures is spot on Heidi! And I've really enjoyed the travel posts. Such fun! Merry Christmas!