Back In Business

After 22 days, 9 hours, and 9 minutes (according to our airport parking receipt), we are home safely and on our way to reclaiming the daily rhythms of life.  The longest stretch of our trip was definitely our trip home on New Years Eve.  Weather around the country led to a long series of delays, gate changes, and other events.  It was 13 hours between arriving at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport and boarding the shuttle to return to our car in Salt Lake City.   Of that, there were only 3 hours of actual flight time.

It was a long day.

The kids were all troopers though and on more than one occasion were complimented on their good behavior.  One woman came back to our table at McDonalds a second time just to tell me that they were the best behaved group of kids she had seen all day.  (The first time she asked me if they were always this good... to which I responded, "most of the time".)

Moments like that do make a mama proud.

Everyone is happy to be settled back at home and routines are slowly returning.  Logan and Kylee are getting good naps again and that makes life easier for everyone.  As we return to our homeschooling schedule this week, and Tim returns to classes next week, I look forward to returning to this space, my little bloggy corner.  I have missed sharing my thoughts, plans, and ideas with all of you.

I look forward to being back in business.


lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Heidi amazing how nice returning to order and routine can be huh?

Heidi said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!