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Do You Yogurt?


I have tried a couple different instructions, and I like the ones from Raising Olives the best.  We like yogurt but I will only buy unsweetened, no pectin or thickeners, plain yogurt- which can be expensive.  We use one large container for a round of breakfast smoothies and it is between $2-$4, depending on what sales I get and if I decide to get organic (which I prefer).  Using milk from Sam's Club and a small container of Organic Brown Cow Greek Yogurt for the starter, it costs around $0.75 per quart.  If I remember to save my own starter culture it is even less than that.

We don't drink a lot of milk, but we can easily use 4 quarts (a gallon) of yogurt in a week for breakfast smoothies and yogurt and granola.  I do like to make my own granola as well and have had good success with the recipe in Whole Foods for the Whole Family, but it has quite a few additives/flours that I don't love.  Lately, I have been using the Maple Nut Granola recipe from Clean Food as it is naturally dairy free and gluten free with the right oats.


Heather said…
I have been making my own yogurt, too. A recipe I got from Britta (homeschooling mom). I have tried different methods, and I like this one the best. One thing we like to do is freeze a bunch with blended berries (and sugar, but I am hoping to transition to honey or something else) stir it occasionaly until it is really slushy, be careful not to let it get hard, cause its not scoopable! Yum! Just like icecream-only better!
Lisa said…
I wish I did! I've often thought of doing it but haven't yet, for no real good reason except I want it to work and it always seems there are too many variables....