It All Clicked & A Logan Update

We knew when we moved out to Utah we would be doing some hard looking at church.  Tim and I were both effectively raised in one denomination of the same over arching belief system and neither of us had spent any significant amount of time outside of that, with the exception of Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship in college.  Over time, however, we had come to realize that many of our personal beliefs (particularly in the areas of life, marriage, and family) were no longer in line with the only church either of us really knew.

We enjoyed the worship experience of the congregations we had been a part of and made many incredible and dear friends, but did not feel particularly challenged spiritually.  Minnesota nice is just that, nice.  It is also easy.

We didn't want easy.

We both felt overwhelming convicted that while the message of free forgiveness on the cross is true, the story cannot stop there.  That over arching incredible sacrifice deserves a response.

Just be a nice person wasn't enough for us any more.

Of course in the craziness of a new place, initially we took the comfortable route by returning to our roots.  We did what was easy, because to do what was hard seemed scary and overwhelming.  We are human after all.

With time, however, our old misgivings began to return.  Former inklings began to grow and grow until we could no longer ignore them.  It was time for something different.

We did a lot of reading and comparing the faith statements and beliefs of different organized churches that are available locally.  Tim met with a deacon from the Newman center who encouraged him and spoke frankly with him about where we have been and where we are right now.  We visited new churches.

And then we visited more churches- sometimes within the same denomination or faith just to compare.

Until we all wanted to stay home rather than go to one more new place on Sunday.

But this past weekend, we did go one more new place.  We visited the Newman Center parish where Tim has gotten to know Deacon John over the last 2 months.   I could spend 1000 words explaining to you all the ways in which it clicked for us and for the boys.  I could tell you about the house for rent we drove by on our way home with the pond and the dragonflies.

I could tell you all of those things, but I'm not going to.

It's really more information than you need to know.  What you need to know is that I am quite confident there will be no more Sunday church hopping.  For that, we are all grateful.


For those of you who read through all of that for the Logan update, he is hanging in there.  He has gone almost 48 hours without throwing up now, but his voice is completely hoarse and he has almost stopped sleeping.   Not sure if that means I should bring him in now or not- a hoarse voice was not on the list of reasons to bring him back.  I'm tempted to give him another day or two and then decide.  He has a well child check scheduled for next Monday already so I might try to wait until then unless he gets worse.  



Angie said...

Praise God, huh? And I'll keep praying for that little Logan.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article