Last Set Of Vacation Photos

These are from the last two weeks when we stayed with my parents.

Big kids ready for church on Christmas Eve.
Kylee is wearing a dress that belonged to my Aunt Sue.


Christmas Eve PJ Gang

Jammie Gang

What do I see in that little gold ball?


Helper Elf (ala nasty runny nose)

Miss Elf

Dress Up Queen Strikes Again!
I'd like you to meet Dino-Ballerina-Hood.

Dress Up Queen

Snow fort building.

Fort Building

Winter Campfire

Winter Fire 2

Winter Fire 3


Jenn said...

I LOVE the striped pj's!! So cute! :)

Heidi said...

That's my favorite picture of all of them. Dh looked so silly in them but they are super comfy and soft. They are from Hanna Anderson. Pricey, but worth it!