A Mother's Worries

Ever since Caleb was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 3 years ago, I have been on the look out for signs in the other kids.  I had Aidan blood tested almost right away, which was negative.  False negatives are common, but with no obvious signs of the disease I let it lay.  We have never had Kylee tested but I have watched closely for any signs to indicate we should.

One thing I did even before Kylee was born was do some research on introducing gluten to babies and gluten transmission in breast milk.  I read every study I could find and decided that the best time to introduce gluten to my little ones was after 6 months, before 12 months, while still breastfeeding.  I learned that it is believed that the gluten particle doesn't pass into breast milk, but components of the wheat do (which is why babies can have wheat allergies through milk that need an elimination diet).  With Kylee and then Logan I used Cheerios and non dedicated oats as an introduction to gluten.

Fast forward to now.  Starting last week, Caleb has been getting sick to his stomach.  We thought (think) it was just a stomach bug, but we always double check to make sure that he hasn't had any gluten.  We don't think that he did, but he has been eating regular oats (something he previously tolerated).  He has been sick off and on, without ever being really sick, for a week now.  He seems better but is still complaining about tummy aches.  We probably need to cut oats back out again and see if that helps, even if just while he is getting better.

Logan is also sick (which goes with stomach bug).

The weird thing is that no one else is sick.  Not even a little bit.  I have been puked on at least a dozen times in the last week and am not even a little queasy.  Aidan and Kylee, despite having been puked on by Caleb twice (via the waterfall bunk bed effect), are completely fine and it has been over a week now.

Today, after 6 days I called the pediatrician about Logan.  I brought him in and in those 6 days, Logan has lost almost a pound.  They don't think he is too dehydrated, but I'm supposed to stop all solid food (which isn't hard because he doesn't ever eat much and has had less the last week on top of that) and see how he does this weekend.  If he keeps getting sick they want me to bring him in next week after the long weekend and they want to talk about testing him.

It would be so rare for him to show symptoms this soon.

Except that he is the same age as Caleb was when he started showing symptoms.

Except that what finally prompted testing for Caleb was a bout of the stomach flu that refused to go away.

Tim says two kids with Celiac Disease would be no different than one.

That's probably true.

And, he probably doesn't have it anyways.

That doesn't change a mother's worry.


Lisa said...

Good luck Heidi! We'll be thinking of you and hoping that whatever is going on resolves itself quickly!

Angela said...

I'm sure that is such a worry! I hope you get some answers soon.

Meredith said...

Heidi, you know how this makes my heart squeeze up and my eyes tear up. I got a queasy feeling as I read this. I can so relate, and I will pray for you and Logan as I go about the worries that I try to avoid, as well.

By the way, thank you, GF angel! What a fun surprise yesterday! HyVee is having a GF tasting event today, and discounting GF items (just 10%, but still). I'll think of you while I'm there!

Angie said...

Saying a prayer for you and your worries. It is what mothers do best some days.

Brenda said...

Mason has been acting exactly like Caleb for about 2 weeks. Before we went GF, he would complain constantly of a stomach ache and, what I assume, was acid reflux.

He's gone six months with no symptoms and just the last two weeks, he's been back to complaining before bed! I have been really struggling, trying to figure out where he's getting glutened and am coming up empty handed! UGH!