Sweet Boy


I just cannot fathom how big Logan is getting!  He is now SEVEN months.  He is a bit of giant, wearing clothes Aidan wore at a year and clothes Caleb wore at 18 months.  In the last month he has learned to roll over, scoot around on his belly backwards, push up on his hands and knees, and sit up by himself.  Judging by the constant stream of drool I'm thinking his first tooth may be here before we know it.  He did get his first ear infection while we were on vacation but hopefully it will be an isolated incident.

He is into a more regular nap schedule now, which makes our lives much calmer because we can work around nap time a bit better.  His appetite for solids is increasing quickly and I can't eat with him on my lap very well any more!

Overall, this little guy has been joyful addition to our family.  He has a laid back and calm temperament most of the time.  I look forward to seeing how his relationship with the other kids continues to blossom in the coming months as he gains mobility and begins to play with them even more.

Big Sitter


Kara said...

I love reading about Logan (and your other kids too) because him and Maddie are at the exact same stage! Maddie is almost ready to crawl too! She also just had her first ear infection. Poor babies! These last 7 months have flown by!

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Too much cuteness! Jaxxon is a chubby bubby too and I LOVE it. What is Logan weighing in at now? Jaxxon was a whopping 13.6 at 2.5 months old lol. Maddi is 21 months and only weighs 19 lbs.....Jaxxons gonna catch up to her in no time lol

Lisa said...

Hard to believe he's that old already!

Angela said...

I love that last picture, he is so cute!