What's New With You?

If I told you what I've been up to this last weekend, you probably wouldn't believe me.  You would probably insist no one could be crazy enough to attempt such a stunt.

You would be wrong.

I have officially lost my marbles.

9 day ago, we went to a new church, which was fantastic.  Afterwards, we had a few appointments to look at houses for rent.  We have been looking to move out of a second floor apartment almost since we moved in!  We didn't really like either of the two houses we looked at, but on the drive home we saw a "For Rent" sign outside of a cute house in a nice neighborhood.

We pulled over and called the number and it turned out the owners (who live next door) were already there, doing some painting and cleaning.  We toured in shifts so we didn't have to get the little two out of the truck and we both loved this house.  Hardwood floors, high vaulted ceilings in the living room and kitchen, separate living and family areas, nice big clean mostly finished basement, front deck and back second floor patio off the family room.  All in all perfect and exactly what we were looking for.  Not to mention, $158 less in monthly rent than we pay on our apartment and a 5-15 minute bus ride for Tim instead of an average of 90 minutes in transit (each way).

After briefly conferring in the car, we filled out the application while we were there and said we would talk again later in the week.  They called our references and we checked the finances of moving now.  Our biggest concern was that by breaking our lease we wouldn't get our deposit back and we would be paying on both places in February while we moved.  This was Sunday.

Wednesday they called and said our references were excellent.

Thursday we decided to accept.

Friday we gave notice on our current apartment.  This is when it all started to go a little cosmic and you may find yourself questioning my judgement.

When we initially gave notice, we got the news we expected that it was going to be expensive.  Then Tim had the idea to ask if we could basically retroact our notice and move out January 31st instead of February 28th.  At the risk of boring you with details, suffice it to say that provided I clean everything out well enough this will have saved us at minimum $1200, maybe up to $1500.

What reasonably responsible person would turn that down, really?

We spent all day Saturday packing what we could and trying to organize little details.

Sunday (1 week after first viewing the property) we signed our lease and moved in our first load (after church and pancakes).

Monday we rented a UHaul and with no help with the manual labor part, Tim and I (and the kids) moved all of our big furniture.

I have never hurt so bad in my entire life.

Maybe I am crazy.

If you don't think so yet, this next part might change your mind.

As you know if you read my post last week, we are joining the Catholic Church this spring.  As part of that journey I have become fascinated by the rosary.  Maybe it's because I was challenged to think about it by a three year old who handed me "Jesus on a string" one day when I was at his house visiting, or maybe it was the thought of eating a cupcake rosary like the ones I saw on Catholic Cuisine last fall.   I don't even have one, but the whole thing just interests me (in a good way).  I've been trying to learn the prayers and how they fit together.  I even prayed a set of mysteries once by coloring in the beads on a coloring sheet I printed off the internet (don't laugh I'm a former preschool teacher- I do these sorts of things sometimes).  Mostly I've just been reading though.

I do that a lot too.

A term I don't remember coming across in all my reading, however, is signal graces.  I didn't come across that term (that I recall) until this week, when a friend was telling me about signal graces as signs that we are on the right path or to help us make decisions.  I've never believed in coincidences in life.  Then come to learn that not only is this a real thing, it is believed by many Catholics to be directly or indirectly related to praying the rosary.

Never knew that.

In fact, don't even take my theology-ala-three-year-old as correct, by all means consult your own sources and do your own research.  For me, however, seeing those pieces align themselves in my brain and in my life kind of knocks me over.  

Leaves me half terrified, half elated in anticipation of the rest of our journey.

Even if the boxes and piles make me want to cry right about now.


Jenn said...

I am so excited for you!! I totally believe that everything happens for a reason, and at the time it is meant to happen. It will be so nice for you to be back in a house!! Good luck with the rest of your moving/unpacking! :)

Lisa said...

You gave me goosebumps Heidi! Sometimes those signal graces aren't so easy....we also believe that sometimes Satan tries to tempt us away from what we need to be doing. But, on a light note, it looks as though you are absolutely doing what God has wanted through this process. It's fun isn't it? The journey? Can you even being to wonder what might be next?? :)

Heidi said...

Lisa actually it scares me to death!

Interestingly it was something bad that lead to something good happening that sold me years ago on things happening for a reason. Tim lost his job (which he loved) and it forced us back to Winona much sooner than we would have planned, which meant that when Kenna died we were closer to friends and were able to deliver with the midwives who we had gotten to know so well earlier. At the time a good friend and mentor told me that sometimes God only shows us the next stone to step across the river on. Sometimes that stone looks too scary so He gives us a little push. I liked that analogy.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Wow, Heidi! What a busy week! Things do seem to work out for a reason, although sometimes it is crazy chaos in the throws of it all.
Best wishes with joining the Catholic Church and with moving and all that life is handing you way.
Thinking of you and wishing that we lived close enough that I could have helped you to do some of the moving.

Meredith said...

Shiver, shiver....no, I'm not cold.

This is just an awesome story. You seem to have lots of those in your life. :)

I was driving down the interstate last week with Jesus-on-a-string boy, with lots of time to think. I got it in my head that I needed to send you a rosary. Looks like that was inspired (and I didn't act on it yet). Kinda makes me get goose bumps.

Heidi said...

Meredith that is nuts. Just saying that is crazy.

You know what I love though? That your sweet Jesus on a string boy is sharing what he knows, how he knows it, just as he is. In a way that completely connected and impacted this lover of all preschoolers. I have soft spot for that boy I will have you know. A great big old Simon sized soft spot :)

gretchen said...

Heidi-I will be praying for you on your Catholic journey. Meanwhile I am in the midst of packing to move to northern Montana in the dead of winter..this weekend!!

Heidi said...

Oh Gretchen I'm tired for you! I pray many hands will make light work.

Angela said...

I, too, have goosebumps reading this post! It sounds like the house will work out perfectly for your family, and I am so happy to read of your journey towards the Catholic faith. I'll be praying for you as you continue that journey!