Announcement, Announcement!

Work and Play, Day by Day is having a baby!

No, not that kind of baby (Dad, you should probably go check on Mom now).

Work and Play is growing though, through the addition of Work, Play, Read (WPR).  The retail component of WPR went live yesterday afternoon with links to some of my favorite sources for books. You can learn more by clicking on the Work, Play, Read tab above, or clicking here.  Don't worry though, I am not simply on a money making quest, this is only phase one.  The best is, literary-ly, yet to come!

In the coming month WPR will have its own website for all things reading- research, family, and fun! Tim will be authoring up-to-date information on current reading research, along with tips for bringing reading home for those families with children in schools.  We will be sharing book reviews and favorite reading experiences within the family.

We are also hiring/recruiting a book reviewer.  We are looking for a mom/dad/blogger/wannabe who is interested in writing reviews to be published on our site.  No monetary payment, but you will receive free books.  We are also playing around with the idea of kid to kid reviews (because this is about reading for the whole family).  If your family might be interested in either of these jobs, please email me with your name and a short bio, including a link to your blog or other writing you have done.  If you already have a Book Sneeze account, please provide me with a link to your profile.

As an avid lover of books and voracious reader, this labor of love is close to my heart.  As parents and educators, Tim and I are excited to share our knowledge and experiences with you.  I have a dream (in the middle of the night when I can't sleep because my mind is buzzing with ideas for Work, Play, Read) that this site will become a place where families will gather and be inspired to read and learn together.  A haven of resources and ideas!


If you have a business interested in sponsoring this site, please email for more information.  Sponsorship can take a variety of forms from giveaways to reviews to ad space.  We can work something out that will work for you!

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