Cast Aside

Blogging (and knitting)

Cast Aside

Have been cast aside, in favor of.....

First Robins


Rock Collecting

rock collecting,

Dirty Fingers

dirty fingers,

No Limits

and discovering that the boundaries no longer apply.

Spring Dance



short sleeves,


and hanging out in a tree with your brother at sunset.


Kylie said...

I do love those colours you are knitting with, gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Lucky you!! Our snow is melting here, daily. I'm wondering if we will have any left by the end of the week.....Enjoy the weather!

Heidi said...

Thanks Kylie! It is for a sweater for Caleb and I think with his white blond hair that it will look gorgeous. The stripes are taking me forever though.

Lisa we had snow on Thursday when I took the robin pictures, but everything is gone now except a few really shady spots. I love it! I've heard that we will get some occasional snows still but that they will melt off in the valley quickly. I guess winter is practically officially over, here.