Encouragement can come in all sorts of forms and from all sorts of places.  It can sound like pleasant words or it can feel like a pat on the back.  It can also look just like this.

In our family, we have an all-hands-on-deck approach to keeping the house running smoothly.  A few weeks ago, I realized that while we had many jobs devoted to the physical environment the emotional climate could use a little pick me up.  I added new jobs to our rotation such as encourager, artist, and letter writer.

When it was Aidan's turn to be the encourager last week, he threw a bit of a fit about it.  See, part of the reason the air had gone cold around here was the lack of kind words between a certain pair of oldest brothers.  (Which was leading to an unfortunate lack of kind words from a certain grown up who knows better.)

So what is going on in the picture above?  Aidan is hiding from encouraging words by doing all of the laundry for me.

Five loads- washed and dried while listening to The Hobbit on my iPod.

Hours- most of a day really- sitting on the washing machine in our basement.

He thinks he beat the system.

He thinks he out smarted his job as encourager.

I think I'm going to let him think that for now.


Lisa said...

I'm guessing he encouraged you! That's a lot of laundry and what a helper. Oh, and the listening to The Hobbit? Awesome! *L* AJ picked up the entire house last night for the chance to play a dinosaur game on the I-Pad. Wow, that kid can work when he wants to. :)

Leigh said...

Amazing how lack of kindness between kids can bring out the worst in the supervising grown-up. Of course, it cuts the other way, too. *sigh*

I like your new jobs - a creative solution. And yes, I think it's a great idea to let him think he beat the system. :) It brings to mind a Berenstein Bears book on manners where Brother & Sister try to do the same thing - beat the system, that is.

Heidi said...

I think we used to have that book!

I came up with a few other new jobs aimed at specific problems- we now also have a chef (who can help in the kitchen- everyone else can sit quietly at the table or go away), a librarian (who makes sure the books are put away correctly), and a custodian (who checks the floor for trash)

I don't have every job filled every day, but they are very helpful! Even Kylee is taking her turn.