Hair Anyone?

Shaggy Before

Caleb Before

Not-So-Shaggy After

Caleb After

Chops-Her-Own-Hair Before

Kylee Before

Not-So-Choppy After

Kylee Short Hair

Kylee Short Back

Must-Be-Included Before

Aidan After

Included After

Aidan After

Even Though He Doesn't Have Hair To Cut


He Wants To Show Off His Head Too!



Lisa said...

Wow does Caleb look alot like Aidan now - and older too. And Kylie's cut is so cute! Logan's cheeks are the cutest. :) I suppose I should say something about Aidan too - his eyes are really green with that shirt on! :)

Heidi said...

Isn't it crazy?!?! I can't believe how alike they look now. Then I noticed after we went out later that day they had put on the same clothes. I had to do a double take more than once!

Heather said...

The boys look so much older now!

ericka said...


Leigh said...

I agree with Lisa - Kylee's hair is very cute! And Caleb is definitely a smaller version of Aidan - I suppose it was always there, but the haircut made it very clear.

Did you knit Logan's hat and pants??

Heidi said...

Hat yes- pants no. They are hand knit, but not by me :)