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Sneak Peak at Our New House



This is the kid sleeping room.  We are working on getting Logan in this room instead of ours, but as many of you know first hand, that may be a long process!


Meghan said…
Love the wall color and the floors...oooooh, the floors!
Heidi said…
The floors are like that in our bedroom and the living room too. One of the things that I instantly liked about this rental is that there is almost no white paint. No blinding white walls anywhere!
Oh I am excited to see the whole thing, it is lovely.
The room looks very nice and love the wood floors. Hope all is well.
Meredith said…
Love!!! Those beds, the floor, the changing table, the paint. Can't wait to see the rest!
Heidi said…
Well I only get credit for the changing table :) My parents picked out the beds for us over the summer, and the landlords get credit for the paint & the floor :)