In Which I Try To Catch You Up

So after one of my quietest blog stretches to date, I am going to try to catch you up with what has been happening in these parts.  Catching up always seemed self promoting (like why do I think you think our life is interesting or important enough to want to know this stuff...or something like that).  Then a friend told me that my little rant about ears a few weeks ago was actually really helpful for her because the picture prepared her for the sight she would see after her daughter's tube surgery.  Good, because I'm starting with ears.

Logan Ear Abrasion

This is Logan's ear about oh, 48 hours maybe after I posted about the dreaded family ear curse.  If your mind is struggling with the blurriness of a photo taken of a screaming child, all of that black stuff on the inside and the red stuff starting to run down his face is blood.  The photograph does not do the moment justice.  Short version is- not a rupture (the first thought), but a cut from his exam at the clinic a few hours early.  Had I known I would have skipped to trip to the ER, but on a positive note I found out that we have a REALLY nice children's emergency department close by.

Good to know.  

Hopefully I won't be making use of that information again any time soon.  

One of the warning signs the ER told me to bring him back for was a high fever or any redness outside/behind his ear.  When we got home we was great and totally normal for about 4 days and then he woke up one morning with a fever and a quarter sized red mark behind his ear.  We didn't go back to the  ER, but did visit the clinic where (in a major test of my patience and ability to hold my tongue) we had to see the same Dr. who had cut him the week before.   He felt mastoiditis was not the cause, but said to watch him closely if the fever got higher.  It did for the next two days and then just when I was about to (panic) bring Logan into the clinic for the 3rd time in a week it went away.  No explanation and now the red mark is almost completely gone.

In the meantime life goes on and the beginning of Lent has come and gone without so much as a blog post from me.  I wasn't even able to go get ashed, which is a first in a long time.  Logan was that sick, I tried for a 7:00 AM mass down the road, but I couldn't do it.  I am one of those weird people who has always liked Lent.  It just seems such a fitting end to the dreary winter.  By February, many homeschoolers I know are ready to throw their kids back in school, consequences be darned!  By March, the snow, melt, freeze, thaw, repeat cycles of the North can really start to wear us down.  Lent reflects that and I think that's maybe why I like it.

I also really like purple... that probably helps too.


With Jr. Ear Boy we haven't done a lot of schoolwork in the past 2 weeks, but I've been giving the kids almost daily liturgical projects collected from link ups on my new favorite blog.



I am such a mean mom- I keep mixing up the candles and then waiting for someone to notice and take out their matching flip booklet and fix it.  Aidan catches me every time though.

Logan even did his first art project, although I think he decided sister's project looked more interesting.



You can see the giant goose egg from contact with our beautiful, but HARDwood floors.  A few days later he got a matching one over the other eye.  Do you think it would be appropriate to bungee cord a pillow to his head?  Do they make wrestling head gear that small?

I can't tell you how simple this project is, it comes from my handy dandy former preschool teacher bag of tricks. Contact paper sticky side up (taped down), squares of tissue paper in appropriate colors, another piece of contact paper on top, cut into the shape of your choice.   You can tape the edges with colored tape if the tissue paper is really thick and the two layers of contact paper aren't coming into good contact with each other. We might make some green clovers later this week just for fun.  They make really neat window hangings.



Finally winter has indeed been showing signs of coming to an end here and that means gardening.  For obviously reasons (my garden was under a pile of rubble until June and I didn't live at the house at all during the growing season), I never did much gardening last year and I am anxious to get back at it.  Sunday afternoon we started some of our seedlings and built our square foot garden box.  Tim even let the boys use the drills to help with the drainage holes.



They were in little boy heaven.

Which is appropriate, since digging in the dirt and opening those little seed packets has the same effect on me.  Along with flow charts, diagrams, and lists of harvest times so that I can ensure that I plant things at the right time to either be harvested before we leave for Minnesota in June or not needing to be harvested until we get back.  These things just make me giddy with giggles!

There's a chance I will have some of our own produce on the table by Easter.  Regardless, I am sure this will not be the last you see or hear of our little garden.


Lisa said...

Ah, t-shirts outside!! Lucky you! And what a great project with the contact paper. I'll have to keep that in mind!

Angie said...

Super crafty craft! And I, too, recently found Catholic Icing...I'm loving it!

Angie said...

And I should have mentioned I'm a lover of Lent know all the suffering...its fun, in the Lenten sense. ;-)