St. Patrick's Day Parade

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Salt Lake City held it's annual St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday and we got ourselves somewhat bundled up and headed out for the morning.  Too bad we don't have a dog to dress up.

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After the bands, dogs, and community service organizations, the entire second half of the parade was all of the area Catholic Schools.  The entire school bodies from preschoolers to high schoolers, bands, cheerleaders, floats.  It was a big deal and tons of fun.  I wonder if there is any other time during the year with this many Catholics in one place in Salt Lake City? 

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One extra generous school even let a non-enrolled scout carry their school banner.


Evenspor said...

My brother and his wife were in that parade. They marched for the Utah Food Allergy Network. (My brother was the juggler.)

Heidi said...

Neat! We saw that group- I actually made a note to think about getting in touch with them with Caleb's food issues he would like to meet other kids who have no foods.

Meredith said...

Fun! This reminds me of the parade in Baltimore that I experienced in 2003.

What a cute, non-enrolled Scout! (how did he get hooked up?)

Heidi said...

It was worked out through his pack- I'm guessing most of the kids do go to that school? I don't know! We didn't know he would be doing flags/banners until he came by. We thought they were just walking with the school.