Because Mom Said!

I wanted to let you know that I recently joined the Timberdoodle reviewers program, Because Mom Said.  As much as Timberdoodle is a great resource for homeschool materials and information, I have to admit that I think Because Mom Said is an even better resource!  There is a spot in their navigation bar to search for homeschool blogs by child's age, homeschool style, number of children, special needs, and more.   I could honestly spend all day getting lost in blog land reading each family's ideas and adventures.  I'm not in the database yet, but I will be.   You can also browse products that have been reviewed by publisher, subject area, and number of stars.  Even if you don't have time right now, I highly recommend you bookmark this site so you can find it later.

Timberdoodle also has a rewards program called Doodle Dollars that will help stretch our homeschooling dollars further.  In addition to earning point on purchases, all users can also earn bonus points by doing things like spotting a typo or bug in the website ( LOVE this) or reviewing products.

I am excited to be working with this company and I look forward to hopefully sharing a review soon!

Because Mom Said

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