Logan's New Bed

We like to find a nook close by our room for our infants and toddlers to have their own sleeping space, including a floor bed.  You can see Kylee's old toddler room here.  As Logan gets closer to his first birthday we have spent time setting up his sleeping area for more regular use (hint, hint Logan).

He was using a mattress from our pack and play as his floor bed for the occasions when he slept on the floor, but then we moved to a house with mostly hardwood floors.  That wasn't so comfy, so we picked up this mattress from IKEA.  At the same time we picked up this comforter  (sleeping on the floor can also be cold).  We did some bedroom switches and found him his own little corner where he can be safe and cozy right close to me.

And then life happened and we got a little distracted.  So that was all he had.

Poor fourth child.

I'm working on it.

Using the Heirloom Duvet Cover instructions from Sew Liberated (link below), I made a cover for the comforter based off of one of my favorite Logan shirts (you can see it here).  I was trying to think of what was Logan-like and this is what I came up with so I went with it.



I had extra fabric so I made him a new pillow and matching pillow case.  He's not really ready for it yet, but it is oh so cute.  Put together in his little corner it all makes me smile (and is too much chocolate brown to photograph well).


I think Logan likes it.  He kept pouncing on the circles like lily pads.


Someone else is a little jealous, in fact.


Overall the corner still needs a little work to be his own, but its getting there!

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The Sunshine Crew said...

Cool room! Love how you made the duvet cover! Wanted to let you know I have a $2500 Montessori giveaway on my blog. You should put a team together and enter!
Plus doing a Twitter party on May 25th from 7-9 pm.
Well, hope all is well, Heidi!
:) Colleen