Science Day

Today our homeschool group (which is sporadically active) held science day with an egg drop.  Each child/family brought a display or example of something they have been doing this year for science and set up a little station for other people to come see.  They also each brought an egg protected by a contraption of their own creation to drop off the roof (only 1 teen was on the roof, everyone else watched from the ground).  The most important photo first- Aidan was among the 10 kids or so who's egg didn't break.  This was very exciting, of course!

Successful Egg Dropper

Here are the boys explaining their flower dissection to one of the other moms (except they are actually staring off into space- dressing alike was not my idea).  We brought parts of a flower booklets, our botany puzzle, a poster with parts labeled, a drawing of an actual flower with parts labeled, and several flowers to dissect on site.


Other people brought way cooler stuff.   Homemade bubbles and bubble wands (Caleb's favorite- he spent a long time here, as did many other kids).

Homemade Bubble Wands

Exploring density of liquids (love the baby in the sling *helping*).

Density of Liquids

There was also a lego robotics group, pet mice, color mixing, constellations, an art farm and a few other fun things.

Of course the fun didn't end when we left.  There was still someone (two someones actually) at home who hadn't had the joy of dropping eggs off of the roof.

Me do it too

Kylee's egg totally broke, but she really didn't care she just wanted to throw things off the porch. Thankfully the giant rock she chucked didn't make contact with the truck in the driveway.

Totally Broken

Tim's egg, however was nice and snug in its spaceship looking contraption.  What a nerd, a lovable nerd but a nerd nonetheless.

Science Nerd Strikes

Daddy's Contraption

Aidan of course had to try a few times again too.  He made it 5 consecutive tries without a break.

Trying Again

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