Warm Wee One Wool

Remember way back in February when I shared my sweater per month plan?   I have to confess, progress has been mixed.  My February sweater is still on needles, about half finished.  The striped pattern quickly taught me that I need to take care when choosing patterns for this adventure.  I'm also discovering it is much easier to finish a baby or toddler sweater in a month than a big kid one!  I have hopes that it may finally be finished this month, but we shall see.  If not, we have a long car ride coming up in a few weeks and I should be able to finish then.

March, however, brought a snuggly pullover for my snuggle bug.



I know it is a little bit big right now, but that was on purpose so it will still fit on cool fall mountain nights! It is working quite well for the spring equivalent.  I even had some leftover yarn so I threw a pair of matching socks into the mix.  (I know they look huge at the ankles, his pants are tucked in to them because the pants kept coming un rolled.)  Wool longies are done from a thrifted sweater- the color matching was a happy accident.



April didn't bring quite the results I was looking for, but I squeezed in (on May Day) a grey spring shrug for my sometimes girly girl.


This time the leftover yarn was well used, wouldn't you say?  I'm sure that baby doll really needed a new wool sweater.



Technically the doll's shrug was sweater number 4 which means I'm on target for my 12 sweaters in 2011 (provided I finish one this month).  We'll see if I need to count it come December (something tells me I will).


Nicole said...

I love the shrug--I'd love something like that for myself! And your little guy looks so snuggly in the sweater, pants, and socks!

Heidi said...

Nicole if you knit or know someone who does, the pattern on Ravelry claims to be for adults. I've seen other bloggers claim it as an XS but on a little larger needles I"m sure it could be made larger. I added the ties myself.