Crafting in The Car- 5 Step Yarn Rug

How did we keep busy sitting still, over 3500 miles in 3 weeks?

Why obviously, we needed to make a rug.  

Or rather, Aidan did.  I just provided directions and my whip stitching skills.

We used about 2 skeins of leftover acrylic yarn from a project of my moms, but this rug could be done with any yarn, or a mix and match batch (we've actually now started a finger weaving collection bag to make more rugs).

Doll Making Needle (a plastic or blunt yarn needle is not sharp enough for this job)

varied (size dependent)
We spent about 8 hours with breaks

Easy to Medium

Step 1:  Finger weave long strands.  You will need three separate strands.  
If you need a refresher, see this post.


Step 2:  Braid the strands together


Step 3:  Coil the strands into a circle, using a tight whip stitch to hold together.
You can weave in new strands by braiding the old and new length of finger weaving together as you go. If you change all of the strands at the same time, however, you will have a thicker braid in that area.  We had a variety of lengths and added in many times and you really couldn't tell at the end because we used all the same color yarn- if you use multiple colors your changes will be more obvious.

Keep finger weaving, braiding, and coiling until you reach the desired size.


Step 4: Finish the rug by cutting any extra long pieces of yarn and whipstitching over the entire end piece.  Weave in ends on the back.


Step 5:  Find a happy place for your new rug.

Aidan decided on a cozy landing spot for his feet when he climbs down out of his bed!


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L0rdsServant said...

Oh, that is the coolest thing ever! I see a future fair project for my girls! Thanks!