Father's Day 2011

Father's Day was the last day of our Great Minnesota Tour 2011.  We saw lots of great people and caught up with old friends.  Amazingly not one person was sick at any point in the entire trip!  Since we left midway through the day to head home, we didn't really do a lot of celebrating although we did share some special presents with Daddy the week before when we were by ourselves.

We were blessed with the chance to attend mass with our friends, Meredith & Bill and their 3 boys (and one little bean to be determined).  I have to say I was a little nervous about 6 boys (7 & under) and one wild 2 year old all in the same pew but low and behold they were all quite well behaved.  After mass we tried to take pictures of the proud dads and their little ones...which I post here only for some laughs, not because any of them turned out so well.

This one wouldn't be bad if it was in focus.


These two make an entertaining slow motion picture.



The best of the bunch


At least we can say Logan cooperated!

Thanks Bill & Meredith for your gluten free hospitality!  Someday I hope you have the opportunity to experience such a blessing in your travels.

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Meredith said...

You're so sweet, Heidi. It was a blessing to be with you all, as well. Thanks for sharing these pictures. They give a fine glimpse into the ages and stages of my sons. Logan was indeed very well behaved!!