Gowi Stacking Cups Review- Giveaway ended


We recently reviewed the Gowi Stacking Cups, a part of the Baby Timberdoodle Core Curriculum Package.  From the moment this item came out of the box it was being used.  Included as a part of the Baby Core Curriculum (more on that below), it was equally as fun for my two and five year olds.  The toy naturally encouraged cooperative play between the older kids and the baby.  They would build for Logan and he would knock it down.  Lather, rinse, repeat....

Other things I loved
Handle on the largest cup for carrying seemed well secured
Colors & designs were bold without being overwhelming
Built in control of error in stacking and nesting the cups
Simple and classic

We lost the smallest cup in the first week- it was a little too small in my opinion
The cups were very sturdy but they were plastic (a staying power problem for some items)


In addition to the stacking cups, we were also sent the curriculum folder for the Baby Core Curriculum.  I wasn't thinking much of the folder at the time I agreed to do the review, but I promised to give an honest review of both products so I sat down with the folder and went through every page.

And promptly fell in love.

This is a one stop shop for every mom who has ever emailed me looking for learning activities, birthday present suggestions, and ideas for what to do with baby.   Each of the Complete Curriculum Packages  comes with a set of activities, manipulatives, books and other age appropriate popular curriculums put together from years of homeschool experience.  I actually got lots of great ideas for all of my kids just by looking through the material lists for some of the groups.  Customization is available for those who need something a little different than what is typically offered. 

 The baby folder is filled with excellent information about development, activities, routines, and suggestions for using each and every one of the toys & books included in the Core Curriculum Package.  There is also a neat checklist for using the toys and activities during the week.  For me, I often find myself at the end of a busy homeschooling week wondering if I have spent any time with my littlest ones.  I can see the checklist fitting in well in our homeschool plans without being overwhelming. 


Included in the Baby Core Curriculum is a book that I know and love well, The Usborne Parent's Guide to Entertaining and Education Babies & Toddlers.  As my long term blog readers know, I am a consultant with Usborne Books & More and happen to have a copy of this exact book left over from a book fair earlier this year.  I always planned on giving it away here and I cannot think of a better time!  

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In exchange for an honest review, as a part of the Because Mom Said So blogger review program, we received one complimentary set of Gowi Pyramid Stacking Cups and the Baby Timberdoodle Curriculum folder.   The giveaway book is being provided by my personal Usborne Books & More business.


Angie said...

I'm impressed with the cups...great gift idea for a new mom I think (or maybe an 'old' mom, too?). I also became a fb follower.

Heidi said...

Definitely for an old mom too :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun set of stacking cups and I have to say that Logan is certainly looking adoreable!

Katrina said...

They look super cute!

L0rdsServant said...

Love it! It sure looks like Logan is enjoying them!

Missing your family,

Colleen M said...

I really like these cups. I have a home daycare (21 years) and am always looking for things like this this for the infants/toddlers I care for. I will definitely have to check out the Baby curriculum. It's very hard to find good curriculum for babies. Thanks

Mama to 6 little owls said...

I'd love the cups for Greyson! They look like they would definitely hold up to all the kids playing with them.

randomlyme said...

that sure is one happy baby!

Mama Turtle said...

I need to get my 22 month old some of those! We don't have any stacking items except for some plain blocks that he doesn't like very much...

Mama Turtle said...

Oh, I also (1)became a new follower of this blog, (2)became a Facebook follower, and (3)*Liked* Timberdoodle on Facebook! :)

Mama to 6 little owls said...

I became a follower of this blog
I became a Facebook follower
and I
*Liked* Timberdoodle on Facebook.

Heidi said...

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Heidi said...

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Heidi said...

Mama to 6 Little Owls #3

Heidi said...

Mama to 6 Little Owls #4

randomlyme said...

:-( didn't get my extra entries but that's okay.

congrats to the winner!

Heidi said...

Sorry randomlyme! The extra comments for extra actions thing is a little tricky!